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Carex (Sedge)
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Acorus gramineus  Zone 4
g. ‘Ogon’ (Golden variegated Sweet Flag)
Very fragrant, small grass-like or even iris-like foliage with gold to cream variegation. 6-10".
Andropogon geradii 'Red October' PPAF
Exciting new Bluestem introduced by Intrinsic Perennial Gardens with spectacular fall foliage color.  Leaves start out deep green with red tips in the spring and turn red in the fall.  Foliage increases even more after the first frost, turning apple-red mixed with burgundy. 2-4'-5-6' with flower.
Calamagrostis (Feather Reed Grass) Zone 3-8
acutiflora ‘Avalanche’ Center variegated form of Karl Foerster. 50”.
a. ‘Eldorado' PP16468
Gold variegated form of 'Karl Foerster'.  50".
Calamagrostis a. ‘Karl Foerster’  Early emerging, wheat-colored plumes are great for providing vertical effect in the landscape. 50”, Early summer. 2001 PPA “Perennial Plant of the Year”.
a. ‘Overdam’
White and pink variegated sport of ‘Karl Foerster’. Probably the best variegated grass for Zone 5 or colder. 50”, Early summer. 
When its famous brethern is tarting to look tired and tattered, this beauty rises to the sibling rivalry front.  Graceful, soft feathery plumes with a pink inflorescense are produced in a fountain like form above healthy rich green foliage.  Durable, adaptable grass that deserves much wider use.
Carex (Sedge)  Zone 4-9
appalachica (Appalachian Sedge)
Clump forming sedge with fine textured, grass-like foliage.  Graceful yet tough ground cover that is superb for softening up bold Hosta foliage or for naturalizing in any shade area or meadow.  6-8", Full shade, early-midspring.
flacca (glauca) 'Blue Zinger'
this grass-like sedge is more clump forming than C. flacca.  It's leaves are light blue-green.  clumps form up to 16" tall.  Drought tolerant and tough.  Evergreen in warmer climates.  May flowers.   8-16".
muskingumensis ‘Little Midge’
Short, compact, lacy foliage is much shorter and well behaved than the species. 12-15".
m. ‘Oehme’ Zone 4 - 9.
Slowly creeping, glossy green, palm-like foliage that develops a distinct narrow golden margin as the season progresses. 15 - 20”,
ornithipoda 'Variegata' (Variegated Bird's Foot Sedge)  Thin green leaves with white to cream centers.  Easily mistaken for Carex oshimensis 'Evergold' except that it is much more cold hardy.  We have grown it here, in the open, for over 12 years with no loss, making it at least USDA Zone 4 plant.
Tough, slowly spreading, grass-like, native sedge that makes a wonderful garden cover in somewhat dry, difficult shade conditions.  Can handle some foot traffic.
Very fine textured, grass-like, clumping sedge that is invaluable for softening the shade garden.  Very tough, hardy, long lived and adaptable sedge that deserves much wider use.  Can handle some foot traffic.  Hardy to a least zone 4. 10".
Chasmanthium latifolium (Northern Sea Oats)   Zone 4  N/A 2014
Attractive seed heads. Nice fall color. Good for dry cut flowers. 3 - 4’, Early summer.
Deschampsia caespitosa (Tufted Hair Grass) Zone 4
c. ‘Goldtau’ (Gold Dew)
Bright gold plumes above dark green tufted foliage. Shorter and more compact than D. ‘Schottland’ 16-20”.
c. ‘Schottland’
Dense tufted foliage below billowy cloud-like golden plumes. 3 - 4’, Early summer.
  Elymus (See Lymus)
Festuca glauca (Blue Fescue)  Zone 4
‘Elijah Blue’ (Blue Fescue) Zone 4
Low tufted grass with fine silver-glaucous leaves. Considered by many to be the best Blue Fescue. 6 - 10”, Early - midsummer.
Hakonechloa macra 'Aureola'  Zone 5 -9
Golden-variegated leaves with green stripes. Produces pink to red coloring effects in spring and fall. 14”.
Hackonechloa macra 'All Gold'
Brilliant gold counterpart of our 2009 Perennial plant of the year.  Wonderful for brightening up and softening the shade garden.
Juncus  Zone 5
effusus ‘Spiralis’ (Corkscrew Rush)
Unusual leafless perennial with spiraled dark green stems resembling a corkscrew. Very interesting and always eyecatching. 12”.
Lymus arenarius glaucous (Elymus)  Zone 4
‘Blue Dune’ Vigorous creeping grass with metallic-blue blades.  Great for difficult areas and erosion control foliage. 1 - 2’, Late summer.
Miscanthus Zone 4
giganteus, Formerly M. floridulus (Giant Miscanthus)
Very tall, bamboo-like shoots ending in feathery plumes. Fantastic for using as a privacy screen or for a specimen planting.  12 - 15’, Late autumn.
sinensis ‘Blondo’
Early, dependable, wheat-colored plumes that turn silver and last well into the winter. Probably the hardiest of the Miscanthus sinensis. 5 - 6’, Late summer.
s. 'Gold Bar'
Very similar to the very popular Porcupine Grass but shorter and with more intense, heavy varigation.   3'. Mid-autumn.
s. ‘Goliath’
Early dark colored plumes are vertical and very tall, in fact, the tallest of the M. sinensis with plumes up to 9 feet tall. Very hardy vigorous selection with superb form.
Back by popular demand.  Valued for its fine leaf blades with a thin silver vein.  Plumes emerge reddish and change to white.  7'.  Early autumn.
Large, early-opening, pom-pom like plumes over fine foliage with a white stripe down the middle of the leaves.  Very hardy and tough.  Probably our best Miscanthus sinensis for all around performance and ornamental qualities.  5 - 6’, Late summer.
s. ‘Malepartus'
Large, purple-pink plumes open early then change shortly after to silver. 6 - 8'.  Late summer.
s. Nippon'  N/A 2014
Similar to 'Gracillimus' but shorter and earlier blooming.  Thin graceful foliage with silver midrib below early blooming rosy plumes that later fade to cream.  5'. Midseason.
s. ‘Purpurascens’ (Flame Grass)
Plumes open early and are followed by late-summer, red-orange foliage. Very popular, tough, adaptable grass. 3 - 4’, Midsummer.
s. 'Silver Feather' (Silberfeder)
Silvery-white plumes that bloom early and last all winter.  Very popular.  6-7'.

s. strictus (Porcupine Grass) Zone 5
Horizontal, yellow-and-green-striped leaves. Very similar to ‘Zebra Grass’ except more erect and better defined variegation. 5 - 7’, Mid-autumn.

Muhlenbergia capillaris (Pink Muhly Grass) Zone 6
A native, tidy clump forming grass.  Fine-textured blue foliage with late summer exploding clouds of airy pink plumes.  24-36".   Late summer-autumn.
Panicum amarum 'Dewey Blue' (Beach Grass)  Zone 3-9
Very blue, fountain-like foliage below airy panicles.  One of the bluest of the blue Ornamental Grasses. 5'.
Panicum virgatum (Switchgrass) Zone 3-9
One of the main constituents of our native tall grass prairies from which some of the finest new selections are being made for ornamental use. Produces tall airy panicles by late summer. Good fall color. 3 -5’, Late summer- autumn.
v. ‘Cloud Nine’
Large, very wide, airy cloud-like panicles on blue foliage. Superb, tough, adaptable, disease free, native grass selection that deserves much more use.  5-7’.
v. ‘Heavy Metal'
Stiffly upright, metallic-blue foliage.  Airy panicles.  4'. 
v. ‘North Winds’
Very upright thick foliage and feathery plumes.  Produces a superbly graceful vertical effect that lasts until it is cut down in the spring.  Wonderful bright orange fall color. 5'.
v. ‘Prairie Sky'
Back by popular demand, one of the Bluest of the Blue switch grasses, that is happiest when neglected and deprived of water and fertilizer.  Under fertile well watered conditions it may flop. 4'.
v. ‘Red Sunset'  PPAF
This superb seedling of Panicum 'Shenandoah' is the reddest native grass we have ever seen.  In fact, visitors here have mistaken it for Japanese Blood Grass.  Backlit by the sun, it reminded me of a glowing red sunset, thus the name.  Lake most Panicums, it begins its season green and later changes to red.  A Van Hoorn Nurseries introduction.  3'.
v. ‘Ruby Ribbons' PP17944
This is a new hybrid of P. 'Heavy Metal'  and P. 'Hans Hermes' by Dr. Mark Brand of the University of Connecticut.  The foliage emerges a blue-grey color in spring and slowly turns into a deeper hue of ruby-red from mid-summer to autumn.  Late summer flower spikes appear and stay into the winter.  Upright growing habit.  48".  Full sun.
v. ‘Shenandoah'
Green summer leaves turning to red by July.  Produces brilliant red color in the fall.  The best Panicum for red foliage.  4-5'.
Pennisetum  Zone 4 - 9
v. ‘Cherry Sparkler' (Variegated Purple Fountain Grass) PPAF
White and green striped leaves with blush overtones below wonderfully contrasting red-burgundy plumes.  Zone 9-10.  24". Sun-partial shade.
a. ‘Hameln’ (Dwarf Fountain Grass)
Profuse amounts amounts of soft, light colored, bottlebrush-like plumes above fine foliage.  2000 MNLA Growers Choice Award.  One of our most popular grasses.  2'.  Midsummer. 
a. ‘Little Bunny’  (Miniature Fountain Grass) Very dwarf Fountain Grass with small, soft, cream bottlebrush like plumes above and around tufts of fine foliage.  11", Summer.
a. ‘Piglet' PP19074  An exciting new dwarf sized grass just 18" tall.  Clump forming narrow to medium, deep green leaves with showy outward facing small bottle-brush like tawny plumes.  18". Mid-late summer-autumn.
a. ‘Red Head'  From Brent Horvath of Intrinsic Gardens comes this wonderful new Fountain Grass in a new color.  Large. reddish-purple bottle-brush like plumes.  3-4'. Summer.
setaceum 'Fireworks'  PP18504 (Variegated Purple Fountain Grass)  Zone 9-10  Great new look to a very popular old favorite.  Showy upright burgundy colored leaf blades, flanked with a kaleidoscope of various colored variegation of white, green and burgundy margins.  24", summer.

setaceum ‘Rubrum’ (Purple Fountain Grass)
Zone 8. Fast growing annual grass with burgundy foliage, and gracefully arching bottlebrush like plumes to 12" long. Extremely popular and worth replanting every year. 4-5’, Summer to frost.

Phalaris  Zone 3
Phalaris arundinacea ‘Strawberries and Cream’ aka. ‘Feesey’s Variety’ Zone 3.
Pink, white and green variegated leaves. 18 - 24”, Early summer.
Schizachyrium scoparium  Zone 3
Schizachyrium scoparium (Little Blue Stem) Zone 3
Superb native grass with shades of green, blue, red, burgundy, bronze and orange in the foliage at various times of the year. When planted in mass, a light wind helps to create a shiny sea of glistening color. 12 - 24”, Mid -autumn.
s. ‘Jazz'
Dwarf variety with excellent color and tight upright habit.  During the spring and summer its foliage is blue and when fall temperatures turn colder the foliage color displays subtle purple tones.  shiny silvery flowers emerge in September and turn tawny in color in late fall.
s. ‘Prairie Blues'  N/A 2014
Shades of blue-gray, ribbon like foliage that takes on a new shade of orange and red as the season progresses.  Narrow sturdy stems and an upright habit.  Grows well in dry, hot areas.  36-40".
s. ‘Standing Ovation'  PPAF
One of the truly best little bluestems.  Single blades are somewhat thicker and have a greenish-blue appearance that becomes a deep purple toward the base.  In the autumn this grass transitions into an intense shade of red, yellow, purple and orange.  Upright habit and spectacular showing.  3-4'.
s. ‘The Blues’
Little Blue Stem selection that has far more blue than the species. Very popular. 12 - 24”, Mid-autumn.
Sporobolos heterolepsis (Prairie Dropseed)  Zone 3
Luxurious mounds of hair-like foliage provide a wonderful lacy contrast to more broad-leafed plants. Light airy plumes. Edible nutritious seeds. Fantastic fall color. 18 - 24”, Autumn.
h. 'Tara'
Dwarf version of our native Prairie Drop Seed.  Very profuse, airy plumes above very fine, grassy foliage.  From seed, Sporobolus is very variable, so this wonderful cultivar takes that factor away and looks great in mass or as specimen plant.  Destined for greatness.  Discovered by Plantsman Roy Diblik of Northwind Perennial Farm in Wisconsin.  2'. Late summer.

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